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For The Perfect Catch This Winter

For The Perfect Catch This WInter

The warm summer months have faded into the icy air and frosted grass as the winter mornings take hold over the Rustfontein Farm. The wind puts a chill in the air and the water’s temperature drops to near freezing. We bring you everything you need to know to get set up for the perfect catch this Winter.

Why fish this Winter?

Die-hard fishermen will know that some of the best casting experiences can come from angling in winter. In general, the dams become less populated by bait lines and the few specimen carp anglers that stay overnight and who are left, set up their one-sleeper tents and stools on the water’s edge.



When is the best time to cast a line?

The best time to cast a line on a colder day is midday when the sun is highest and the inhabitants of the water become livelier. So in the early morning, enjoy the sunrise over a misty dam with a good cup of coffee and rusk. Take a walk through the farms evergreen Blue Gum forest where the bees reside and when the sun is high and stark against the bright blue sky, that is when it will be time.


Mist on the Dam



How do Bass and Carp behave in the Winter?

During winter our Carp’s and Bass’ metabolism slows down considerably, meaning that they take longer to digest food and will feed less regularly. The fish huddle together at the bottom of the dams and are less active. When the nip of the water is taken away they will begin to move about a little more freely, hungry for morsels but lazy in their attempts to catch any. It is, therefore, best to cast small portions of bait, deep into the dam and to move slower through the water for the best possibility of making that catch. So settle down comfortably, enjoy the view, the sounds and the serenity.


Carp Underwater



What type of gear is needed for this kind of trip?

On the topic of comfortability, we feel it only best to give you an idea of the gear you will need to keep warm while visiting us. There is no worse way to spend a fishing trip, than unprepared for the elements; wet feet, bitter-cold hands and too thin blankets in the evenings could send you packing.

Make sure you don’t forget the following must-have items;





Angling in the Winter months at the Rustfontein Farm is such an exclusive experience as the quiet surrounds offer anglers a relaxing atmosphere. Researching bait, weather and the gear you will need before your visit is sure to set you up for a break from the city you will want to return to over and over again.

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