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Be your Valentine


Two vultures sat on branches right at the top of a tall tree. They ducked as a F16 fighter plane raced overhead. Such speed was to be envied indeed! The one vulture turned to his friend and said: “Wow! If only I could fly like that!” The second vulture responded, “If you had two tails and both of them were on fire, you would!”

Don’t compare yourself to others and their achievements. Learn from them, be encouraged by others and remain – you! You are one of a kind with a unique function. Some want to make us all clones; be your usual breath of fresh air and bring your unique self to the table of being different.

The pressure of thriving, the joyless environment of legalism and the destructive habit of comparing, go against your freedom within set boundaries of work and leisure and days and seasons. Live!




Then again, there were two cows in a field. One day they looked up from their green pasture toward the highway. They spied a milk truck driving past. On the side was written “Fresh milk – homogenised, pasteurised, vitamin A added.” The cows turned and looked at each other and the one said to the other, “Makes you feel inadequate, doesn’t it?”




Comparisons? Odious, foul and destructive. A snare not to be entered.

Be your valentine! Enjoy your own unique self. Embrace today by simply doing well what’s in front of you to do and choose to do so with outstanding joy and with an agreement totally unhindered.

No challenge or obstacle in your path should become a millstone. Step on it and make it a stepping stone. That giant looming? Smile and say – you’re just too big to be missed, you’re going down. No to mundane living – what you do in 2018 will impact you, your family, your colleagues and could even impact your community.

Climb that mountain one step at a time. If we are not willing to climb the mountain, then we will not see the view.

Happy Valentine’s Day! You are incredibly loved. You are precious and valuable and appreciated in immeasurable terms – exactly as you are. What else could possibly matter more?