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The African Blessings Dog Show a Smashing Success

The African Blessings Dog Show a Smashing Success

The African Blessings Township Dog Show was once again a huge success, thanks to the Team, volunteers, attendees, judges and of course the community participants, with their four-legged friends.

Saturday 30 September was an early and busy one for the African Blessings (AB) Team.

Early on Saturday morning tents, gazebos and tables were set up, generators were on and the successful day started with a successful morning, due to the volunteers and the AB Team.




Members from that community along with their best friends (their dogs) started coming to the show as early as 08:00. Their dogs were then dipped, dewormed, vaccinated and entered into the Dog Show.



There was a wonderful turnout! We had about 60 adult dogs and 25 puppies enter the Dog Show; with approximately 100 dogs that were dipped, dewormed and vaccinated. A big thank you must go to Community Veterinary Clinics’ Vets (CVC Vets) for their participation and assistance.



What warms our hearts is to see loyal Community Critter Care Members support the event year-after-year, with their dogs in prime condition. They truly set an example to the Community and through this Community Critter Care Members continue to grow.


The official ceremony started with African Blessings’ Missions Director, Rita Edkins, opening with a bible reading and prayer. Then an African Blessings team member with his daughter performed a short play for the community members and all members in attendance – that focussed on animal rights, cruelty and the fact that all animals deserve to be treated with respect, need access to food daily, fresh water and shelter. This educational performance was an emotional plea to make sure that all community members take care of their four-legged friends properly.



And then the Dog Show Commenced and the 2017 winners are:

1st Prize Best on Show; Bobby, with owner Alfred

The African Blessings Dog Show a Smashing Success

Community Critter Care Loyalty Award; also went to Alfred; with this doggy, Bobby


Best Puppy on Show; Baxie


Best Adult Dog on Show; Blackie, with owner Innocent


Best Overall Condition; Fiona, with owner Thenjiwe


Runner-up – Best on Show; Worsie, with owner Moses


African Blessings was also delighted to have the Honourable Counsellor E D Moloi in attendance; she expressed her interest to be involved in the event every year and market it on their side as well.



The Show was a massive success. One of the Dog Show organisers, Mireille Swart said: “What makes me happy is that you see improvement to the condition of the dogs, year-after-year. It shows the educational sessions and work that African Blessings does in the community, really is paying off”.



The reasoning behind the Dog Show and the Community Critter Care outreach programme is that African Blessings is truly passionate about taking care of animals in need.

We feel that each and every animal deserves love, care and the right to be protected. Working closely with the Tshwane SPCA, we help to rehabilitate stray dogs, cats or livestock from poor and abusive conditions within the area. Three times a month the team goes into Rethabiseng and offers a mobile pet and animal care service to community member’s animals.

Many pet owners love and want to care for their best friends but do not have the means to do so; this is where Community Critter Care comes in and offers assistance. We are hoping to expand into more communities in the future and offer our practical services to them.


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