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Yesterday, we said goodbye to our special “gal” Mystery Girl. She came to us after one of our directors intervened to save her from her (then) owner’s decision to shoot her, due to a tumour in her eye.

Thankfully he was stopped and Mystery Girl was sent to a brilliant vet who agreed to operate, although she wasn’t very hopeful about the outcome and warned us that she would definitely lose her eye, at the least. When the vet called after the operation, she advised that – not only had they removed the entire tumour, but they managed to save her eye. She said it was as if Mystery knew they were helping her because she stood so still for them to work on her and even lifted her face to the side to make it easier for them…


Mystery had a very hard life before she came to live at African Blessings and as a result of her experiences before, she was never very keen on human beings. Even at African Blessings, she remained distant from humans; but we understood her and accepted her as she was, and she appreciated that. She was a dignified and gentle soul and she was much loved by everyone who shared her life at the farm and cared for her.



We would like to say a special thank you firstly, to Delia, who made it possible for Mystery Girl to leave her previous life behind and retire at Rustfontein so she could life out her life in peace, with all the care and love she deserved.

Delia also arranged for the removal of the tumour from her eye, which meant her years with us were free from pain, disease and discomfort; as well being free from the demands and unhappy circumstances she had to contend with before.

Secondly, our heartfelt thanks to Danny, who has cared for Mystery Girl so deeply and in such a gentle way over the years. Lastly, we would like to thank Theresa, who shoulders the primary responsibility of care – so well and with so much selflessness and dedication – for all our beloved equines.

We are so grateful that Mystery Girl has been in such good hands – she could not have had better care or a better retirement home for her last years.

Rest in peace Mystery Girl, you remain in our hearts.

“May her story always be a reminder to us that where there is love, there is always hope.” – Delia O’Connor: Animal Champion Extraordinaire