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Woofs and Applause to All Who Contributed to Cause for Paws: Uni-Vision Departments that Made A Meow-sive Difference

Woofs and Applause to All Who Contributed to Cause Paws: Uni-Vision Departments that Made A Meow-sive Difference

The African Blessings’ Cause for Paws Drive has come to an end. And thanks to so many generous hearts and pockets the campaign was a massive success. It absolutely amazed us how many creative ideas everyone came up with, within Uni-Vision.

Here are some of Cause for Paws Campaign highlights:


1) Lombardy Offices

Uni-Vision’s Lombardy Offices sold raffle tickets and donated all of the proceeds from this, to the Cause for Paws Drive. This was a big number! Besides which, kilos and kilos of dog and cat food was purchased and stacks of blankets donated. Due to the Lombardy Offices’ generosity – they won the Applause-for-Paws Award. Well done – Lombardy for your woof-tastic and meow-riffic efforts!



2) Lumen Ventis

Lumen Ventis not only collected and donated 30 huge bags of dog food and eight big warm blankies; but blessed African Blessings with a whopping 35 handmade beanies. Thanks to Lumen Ventis for going the extra mile to support animals in need.



4) LPA and Reservations Department

LPA and the Reservations Department also sold raffle tickets and ensured that lots of doggies’ and kitties’ tummies are full and their hearts’ content. Thanks to LPA and Reservations’ for driving such an awesome initiative.


Amazing Race African Blessings' Edition


5) TradeUnipoint .com

The TradeUnipoint .com Team ran a campaign for 180 minutes on Mandela Day. The Team decided because Madiba would’ve turned 99 in 2017 – that they would donate R99 of each booking made in the 180 minutes, to the African Blessings’,  “Cause for Paws” and “Driving Dreams” Drives (50/50 split)! made 598 confirmed reservations in the 180 minutes, which means a large donation went to Cause for Paws (and Driving Dreams). What an amazing way to give to worthy “paws”.



6) Marketing and Communication Team and Uni-Vision Staff

To create awareness and to remind the rest of the staff about the Cause for Paws Drive, Uni-Vision’s Marketing and Communication Team decided to put on kitty and puppy masks and go around Head Office – with “protest” signs. Thanks to the Uni-Vision staff’s generosity, over a thousand rand was collected in less than an hour, for the Cause for Paws Drive.



7) The Individuals that Made a Difference

To every single person that donated to the cause financially and electronically and/or physically bought dry food and blankets – we give you a massive round of “ap-paws”. Due to all your efforts, African Blessings received:

  • 430 kg (68 bags) of dog food;

  • 50 kg (27 bags) of cat food;

  • 125 blankets;

  • 40 other items, like wet food, beanies and pillows;

  • And more than a fair amount of cash donations!

Thank you to you all!



Next up…Season for Seniors Drive!