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The Amazing Race – African Blessings’ Edition

Amazing Race African Blessings' Edition

What do rowing, transporting hay bales, farming, a childhood early learning centre, a bee-hive crossword, 15 574 steps, donkeys, chickens; big-bellied pigs and too much laughter have in common? A team-building, Amazing Race at the African Blessings’ Farm – and boy, oh boy it looked like a whole lot of fun.

LPA and Club Reservations from Uni-Vision, embarked on one amazing race, one fine Saturday at the end of June. As part of teambuilding they decided to visit the beautiful African Blessings’ Farm and take on a combination of nine gruelling challenges – set to test mind, body and spirit. All to answer the age old question of “who has it all”!


Firstly, the teams were divided into three groups – the Yellow Team (known as Black and Yellow), the Red Team (known as the Timeshare Bandits) and the Green Team (known as the Green Hornets). The teams were briefed on their race mission and given a clue – the clue led the teams to the next point, where there was a challenge; once successfully completed, the next clue was given and so on. The teams also had guides to assist them and ensure they successfully completed the race (and of course check that there was no foul play involved).


So what did the amazing challenges consist of?

Station 1
Some may call them the same as your behind.

Challenge: Go to the donkey pen; choose a team member to blindfold, spin them five times and let them pin the tail on the “donkey” (a paper poster; not an actual donkey – this is amazing race, not fear factor), while the rest of the team guide them. Once successfully completed, the team get a bag of carrots to feed the real donkeys and get the next clue.


Station 2

Clue: Go pay a visit to Amber, Jade and Jasper.

Challenge: Go to the stables (Amber, Jade and Jasper are horses); let the groom brief the team on how to clean the stables and then proceed to clean the stables, until the groom is happy and then receive the next clue.



Station 3

Clue: Don’t roll around in it or you’ll get itchy.

Challenge: Go to the hay bales, load a big one on the bakkie (yes –the big one); let the team squeeze on the back too and allow the bakkie to drive to “Location B”. Unload the hay bale (yes – the big one) and receive the next clue.


Station 4

Clue: Cluck, cluck, cluck! It’s not a duck!

Challenge: Go to the chicken coop and have a looksee for a chicken picture, in the team’s colour… hidden away sneakily. Once you find it, get the next clue.


Station 5

Clue: If the wind is still you can see yourself in it; but when the winds were rough Peter walked on it.

Challenge: Three team members have to take turns to row out on the dam to each collect a balloon in the team’s colour. After all three team members successfully complete their mission, the next clue is given.


Station 6

Clue: This is where we raise strong, confident future leaders.

Challenge: Go to the African Blessings Early Learning Centre; read fun facts about the centre and answer ten questions to complete a puzzle; successfully answer the questions and complete the puzzle and receive the next clue.


Station 7

Clue: They have stripes like a clown and yet their queen wears no crown.

Challenge: Send the LPA Manager a WhatsApp message saying “BEE HIVE”; receive a voice note and listen carefully to it – answer the provided crossword; complete it successfully and receive the next clue.


Station 8

Clue: Things will grow if you plant them this way; but it will require that you pray.

Challenge: Listen to a talk on farming God’s way and plant a seed; do this the right way and receive the next clue.


Station 9

Clue: Their litters can be big but their bums even bigger.

Challenge: Enter the pig enclosure and look for a picture of a pig in the team’s colour.



And voila – complete all nine challenges and the Amazing Race is done!



The Red Team – Timeshare Bandits finished all nine challenges successfully first and the Guide of the Day was Witness. Second was the Yellow Team – Black and Yellow and third was the Green Team – the Green Hornets. But the Green Hornets did come in first place for Team Spirit!




The day ended in the only way any true South African would expect it to – with a traditional braai. Making the Amazing Race – African Blessings Edition, just that more memorable and amazing.

Amazing Race African Blessings' Edition