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Three Easy Ways You Can Save An Animal’s Life This Winter – A Cause for Paws

Cause for Paws

There is no other way to put it – it is freezing and winter is most certainly in full swing. Our homes are chilly and that is with heaters, fluffy blankets, thermal socks, warm and fluffy pj’s and the protection of solid walls, curtains and rugs. Maybe you are extra blessed – you have the warmth of little fur-baby, a doggie or kitty or other animal that naps tightly against you – their tummies are full and their hearts happy, as they snuggle up against you.

But beyond the comfortable protection of your cosy covers, snug clothes, hot water bottles, and sheltered walls, there are doggies and kitties out in the open. They suffer through cold days and agonise through freezing nights. Besides the harsh exposure to the elements, these critters are starving. Some sadly lose their lives due to these conditions.

With frost on their whiskers and fur…and the hunger pangs that haunt them daily – their eyes seem empty and filled with despair. To be cold, without any means of warming up, is suffering; but to be cold AND starving is unbearable suffering.

These kittens, puppies, dogs and cats are no different to your fur-baby – except that they are freezing, starving and alone in their suffering.

But there is a spark of hope – YOU are that spark of hope!

African Blessings is on a mission to assist these needy and distressed animals. How? Through a blanket and dry dog and cat food drive – “A Cause for Paws”! And you can help too…

Three Easy Ways YOU Can Save An Animals Life This Winter 

1. Cash or EFT Donations by donating you can assist African Blessings buy blankets and dry food for animals in need and put the end to their suffering.

Banking Details:
Beneficiary Name: African Blessings
Bank: FNB
Type: Cheque Account
Account No.: 620 654 37355
Branch Code: 250 655
Reference: Pet Food Drive


2. Buy and Donate Dry Dog and/or Cat Food any size and brand of dry dog and cat food bags (please no tins or pouches/ “wet” food).  Uni-Vision Head Office in Pretoria is an African Blessings Drop-Off point! Donations can be dropped: Mon – Fri between 08:00 – 16:30.

Physical Address:
Mooikloof Office Park East,
c/o Atterbury Road and Jollify Main Road,


3. Donate/Buy and Donate Blankets any type, any size, any colour or any material blankets can be dropped-off at Uni-Vision Head Office (details above).

Need assistance on where you can purchase affordable blankets?

– Crazy Store
– Mr Price Home
– Pick n Pay
– Win-A-Lot (
– Takealot (
– Albatross Wholesale (
To name but a few!



Please share this post with your friends and family – to create awareness and help end unbearable suffering and the senseless death of animals.

If every person in South Africa can do one thing to change a life – we will have a better country. In the words of Gandhi “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

For more information on Cause for Paws or African Blessings, please contact: or +27 82 520 7040