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Ascension Day 2017


Ascension Day 2017 will be a celebration of having a facial which could result in a makeover!

I read this lovely true story and it illustrates this face change so very beautifully! I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did.

A man needed to cross a river. It was too deep and he needed help. A while later a group of men on horseback arrived at the river’s edge. The needy man took one look at one of the men on horseback and without hesitation asked him: “Please let me ride over with you on the back of your horse. I need to cross this river.”  The man on the horse lifted the needy man up onto his horse and took him across the river. When they reached the other side safely, those who were gathered there on the bank and who had witnessed this act of kindness said to the man who had been assisted, “You wanted the President himself to take you across, didn’t you? The rest of the men were not good enough for you!”

The man who had assisted the needy gentleman across the river on horseback was no other than President Abraham Lincoln, the president of the United States at that time.

But the man shook his head and said to the group of witnesses, “No, I did not recognise President Lincoln. I did not know that it was him. The group of witnesses met his honest and sincere reply with sheer disbelief. They asked him, “Then why did you single him out to be the one you asked instead of all the others?”

Without hesitation, the man replied, “That’s easy. He has a ‘yes’ face, and I saw it at once.”

No man or woman – no matter how rich, successful or powerful has an excuse to disregard those in need, to ignore them as if they don’t exist, those who are the least. Abraham Lincoln was the most powerful man on earth at that time, but he was willing to bend down and stop and help a soul in need. Pride and arrogance and selfishness is never attractive!

Question: Do you have a ‘yes’ face? Do people feel that you can be approached? Would a stranger stop you to ask for directions? Would a friend ask you for help or advice? Would a beggar, a lame man or a starving soul dare to ask you for an alm?

It reminds me of the wonderful story in the Bible in Acts chapter three where Peter and John passed by a lame beggar. Two men amongst many others at the Beautiful Gate of the temple on their way to ‘church’. Peter and John were indeed ready to help the lame man. They did not have silver or even gold, but they stopped and they listened to him and they helped him in a way he would not have even imagined! They gave him healing. “In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene, walk!”

This happened shortly after the Ascension of Jesus Christ. The beggar needed more than just money. He needed an intervention. We want to have a ‘yes’ face like Jesus did. People in need always went to Him. As His followers, we want to go and do the same.

Thursday the 25th of May 2017 is Ascension Day. A good day for a face – lift straight from the heart of Jesus to yours and mine.

~ Rita Edkins, Missions Director