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Take a look at the beautiful new African Blessings video we made with Mrs South Africa finalist, Anrike. We were blessed with a wonderful opportunity to have a video produced for us showcasing all the wonderful initiatives and projects that African Blessings is involved in.

Mrs South Africa finalist, Anrike van der Walt was responsible for getting the ball rolling and arranging the video that was produced for us. Anrike came across our charity while attending the Fit Pit gym and decided that she’d like to get involved with us. She wanted to use the Mrs South Africa platform to make a difference and gain as much exposure for African Blessings as possible.

How exciting right? We jumped on board and started the process immediately. We were lucky enough to have our vision come alive in the video, as the very talented Heinz Boesenberg used his incredible skills to produce a very real and emotion-filled video capturing the very essence of African Blessings. Anrike was very good at directing and making sure that our vision for African Blessing was correctly portrayed. It was essential to represent the farm in its true manner, showing the daily farm life and operations that take place there.

Filming the African Blessings video was a lot of fun. We began filming early in the morning and we were done by the afternoon. No one could wait to see the final product, as we just knew that the video would turn out wonderfully. The main star of the video is Tshepang, a young learner who attends the Early Learning Centre School at African Blessings. She was a true gem, a natural in front of the camera. By just being herself she helped us tell the African Blessings story in the best possible way.

Thank you to Anrike for making this video possible, we are truly grateful that you chose African Blessings as your charity of choice. We are rooting for you all the way on your journey to becoming Mrs South Africa 2017. Thank you, Heinz, for doing a sterling job and for producing such an exquisite video for us.

We hope that you enjoy the video as much as we do and that it inspires and motivates you to get involved, help, and donate any which way you can.