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RIP Big Boy

Big Boy2

Big Boy, a beautiful dog who was rescued from terrible conditions, was the first dog to make the African Blessings @ Rustfontein doggie retirement centre his home. What a special dog he was, and so loved by us all. Please see the beautiful eulogy for Big Boy written by Rita Edkins, Missions Director at African Blessings:

“He would look you straight in the eye and then yawn. What was it about Big Boy, one of the hundreds of township dogs that were known to us, that just captivated my heart?  Over the seven years of our journey, he overcame tremendous hardship, abuse and wounds. His scars were many, yet it was his heart for life that oozed forgiveness and loyalty. Great was our joy at African Blessings when one day he came home to stay. The first resident of our dog retirement home for township dogs. He settled quickly. He began to enjoy the luxury of his penthouse dog igloo, warm blankets and daily food. He was walked by the Oosthuizen family daily, and his face shone with peace. Sometimes he enjoyed a quick swim in the dam.  A grooming was sheer luxury. On Wednesday the 26th of April 2017, he enjoyed his last walk and had fun with Bones and Stark and Lilly. True to his nature, he left us quietly and privately during the night. Sleep peacefully my friend, you added a warm spot in my heart and I will never forget you.”

We would like to say thank you and offer our heartfelt condolences to all who knew and took care of Big Boy. A huge thank you to Rita, Sheldon, Mary-Ann and Theresa for giving so much of their time, love and attention to Big Boy, you really made a difference. How glad we are that he was able to enjoy the rest of his life on the farm, at the peaceful retirement village, loved and cared for as he deserved to be.