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Happy Easter

What is about this story that so grips the heart? Why is it that this story is a thing most wonderful? To the knowledgeable ones, it was a sheer waste of money! What will it be to you?

The story goes something like this: Jesus is a guest at the home of a leper. They are enjoying a meal together with the disciples. During the meal, a woman of past ill repute enters the scene. She carries in her hand a treasure. A very expensive, valuable gift. This is not an ordinary clay jar, it is an alabaster jar filled with perfume which had the monetary value considered to be vast. She empties the entire jar of its priceless contents on the Saviour’s head.

She is slandered for her deed and criticised for her action of waste. Can you see the picture? Who is this woman who is so careless with her treasured possession? What would you say about her? About her action? I see the room filled with sweet perfume, showing how the life on earth of the Saviour spread a sweet fragrance wherever He went.

She should have sold it and given the money to the poor. That was the sensible and suitable law – abiding speech of those in the know. As it is written for example in the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 15 verse 11! That was the right thing to do!  Yet she preferred to empty her all on her Saviour instead.

They had knowledge of the law and what was ‘required’. They condemn her, He commends her. Why? She gave what they would not or could not. The issue that Jesus Christ holds most dear to His heart and dare I say, brings a smile to His dear face, is not how much we know – but how much we love.

This is why the widows, the orphans, the beggars, the sick, the lame, the deaf, the blind, the tax collectors and the prostitutes – when they find Him, they know how to give Him what He desires most of all. Love. It’s as simple and as beautiful as that.

Have a happy Easter. Above all – spread love!