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Autumn Fun Day 2017

On Friday the 31st of March, we had our Autumn Fun Day 2017 at African Blessings. The employees at African Blessings formed teams, Green, Yellow, Apricot and Purple and competed against one another in a variety of events. The weather was perfect, and so much fun was had by all.

First up was the Toe Fishing Marbles in ice water. This was closer than expected (it’s amazing what people can do with their toes…) but it was the Green team that managed to haul out 10 marbles first, from the icy depths (read shallow bucket).

Next up was the Egg throw, with each successful throw one team member takes a step back. Right off the bat, the teams were confident, starting throws from 5 metres out, with no room for error or you could end up with egg on your face, literally, which did happen to a couple of hard handed catchers. By the time the egg white was scooped out of the eyes, the Yellow team had managed to scramble a win.

The children from the school had a wonderful time, watching the grown-ups going nuts with all the activities, as well as their own activities, including throwing Nik Naks at whipped cream shrouded classmates.

Then followed Bokdrol sport. Quite self-explanatory, how far you can spit a piece of buck poo… a highly technical game, technique really is everything. Once again, Green came out on top. The green team were starting to pull away… but then disaster struck.

One of the Green team’s star players was pulled away for urgent farm business. They looked to the bench for someone to fill his place, but there were only injured players (Injuries included sore backs, shin splints and old age…).

Regardless, they ploughed on.

Next was the Frozen T-shirt. A wet T-shirt squished into a ball and frozen must be loosened up and worn by the player. A game that had been earmarked by teams as a quick win, turned into one of the toughest. After a lot of pulling, prying, stomping, soaking, the Purple team finally prevailed to win this cold, hard activity, and Yellow finishing last a catastrophic 20 minutes later.

After this came Face the Cookie. Balance a cookie on your eye and get into your mouth without using your hands. There was a lot of tongue waggling going on, from both the participants as well as their team mates cheering them on. The Apricot team won hands down, bringing most of the teams close together on points, going into the final round.

Game on!

The Yellow team completely dominated the tug of war, with only the Green team, now with their star player back in play, taking them close, but not managing to beat them.

Although Yellow team clean swept the tug of war, Green team did enough to win the overall competition.

Well done Green team!

After the highly competed activities were over, relationships were restored (very competitive bunch, this…) over a wonderful lunch of Curry and Rice.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful day. We all look forward to the Spring fun day, in September.

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