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Human Rights Day 2017

human rights day 2017

Human Rights Day 2017 falls on Tuesday the 21st of March this year. This title sets the mind to thinking -with all the injustice that surrounds us, what will we as individuals be doing on this day? Sleeping late, visiting family and friends, shopping, cleaning house or catching up with washing? Some will gather in stadiums and listen to more of the same old, same old from politicians and being incited to hate more, blame more, follow me more!

My soul got to pondering the ‘disease’ of the perfectionists. Excellence? Absolutely! Perfectionism? Absolutely not! Many hide their bullying behind their own problems of self-esteem. What it really is, is self-centeredness. They try to make themselves perfect and then move on to bullying others into being perfect. What such human beings do in this process is, that they make themselves the centre of their own universe. Then they attempt and defend their actions as they bash others to make them into what or who they want them to be.

The correct word for such people is actually busybodies! They are always busy dominating others and are about the business of changing others. They want to change them into their own images. Such folk are not and never will be leaders. They are bosses –pure and simple – and always bossy! They are also what I once read to be fuss-budgets. Everything everywhere must be just-so, because I said so. Don’t do what I do, but do what I say! Instead of leading, they demand. Instead of growing ad nurturing, they destroy and crush.

This Human Rights Day 2017, let’s do something completely different. Let’s begin by taking earnest stock of our own selves and making decisions for the 21st of March and beyond! Let’s give up controlling others and begin giving them choices and decisions and space. They might just surprise us and we might even surprise ourselves, as hidden and crushed spirits are released from bondage and set free to be creative, orderly, excellent and joyful!

A little ‘warning’ of the nicest kind – to those who like to control, bully, beat up and impose their will on those around them – you could be setting yourself up for a fall.

Want greatness? Be great by the example of the greatest leader who ever lived or ever will live. Jesus Christ. He gave a great object lesson in the Gospel according to saint Mark chapter 10 verses 35 to 45. He didn’t just say it – He lived it.

This Human Rights Day 2017, let’s pull off the masks that we hide behind, mostly from ourselves. Let’s stand before our Creator with our own warts and all, bring absolutely everything out into the open and settle into a better way to live.

Bossy folks have a favourite word: SUBMIT! Everyone must submit. But leaders know that submission begins with themselves. Leaders submit first, then lead.

~ Rita Edkins, Missions Director