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Devotion – 13 February 2017


A devotion on 13 February 2017:

Before you were conceived – I loved you. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb – I loved you. When you were born – I loved you. When you were a child – I loved you. As you grew into your teenage years – I loved you. When you failed – I loved you. When you succeeded – I loved you. When you entered marriage – I loved you. When you were rejected – I loved you. As you sit here – I love you.

The world celebrates Valentine’s Day and calls February the month of love. Love is not an armful of red roses and a box of chocolates and daring underwear! I Am true love and in My Kingdom My love never fails. Have you lost your first love? Have you grown cynical and hard-hearted and indifferent? Come back to your first love – whole-heartedly. While you were yet a sinner, I already died for you. I loved you first. In MY hands you are entirely accepted, but walk not away from your destiny, run back into the fold of My everlasting arms of love. In My circle you will re-discover joy and peace – and righteousness will flow like the noonday rays of sunshine.

I give you life – day by day. What should you give in return? Liberty. I gave Lazarus life but I asked those who witnessed this event to take off his grave clothes. Are you liberating another? You exist for this very purpose. You can raise up and you can walk alongside another and when the time is right, let him go and let him soar and cheer him on.

Love is not a feeling or a decision or a choice! Love is a command, a commitment and a commission. Husband – love your wife. Father love you son. Love your daughter. Stop and stoop down to feed and assist a dying dog. Stop the man who deliberately skins the gentle donkey while he is still alive. Reach over to the widow and bless her. Help the orphan by giving him a future. Embrace the abused teenager when rape was forced on her and she dies within.

The thing I hate the most? Your silence. Your cowardice. Live life to the full and savour every moment – but life is only lived to the full once you reach out or down, to the one who is in your space of influence. With your very own hands and your very own pocket and your very own joy. Remove the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign from the window of your eye. See – this day salvation can come to your house. That’s love in all its beauty and majesty and glory. May His Kingdom come to your heart this day. Amen.

A good read: Incarcerated. From the book: Sitting in His Presence. By Rita Edkins. I dare you.