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Facing the Giants in 2017

Facing the Giants in 2017

Have you watched the movie “Facing the Giants’? It is very inspirational and for those of us who always stand for the underdog or perhaps see ourselves as the underdog, I highly recommend you to watch it. We are now into 2017, how very exciting to be alive and well and able to enter a new year. How will we tackle this year of 2017? We all have ideas and choices and decisions and some might even have new resolutions. May I share a few suggestions to make your 2017 good?

1. There will be giants! Face them head-on and stand strong and courageous against any form of snobbery or bullying. Giants can be overcome if we square our shoulders, look them straight in the eye and just heed them no attention and then just carry on carrying on with our daily life – and our task at hand. It is do-able, I promise. The other way is this – don’t be someone else’s giant. Pride and arrogance are such unattractive qualities. So is self-righteousness. The 2017th verse in the Bible is Luke 6 : 41 Take it to heart.

2. Avoid at every cost the ‘terrible twins’! Who are these terrible twins? They are fear and worry. They do us no good and bring us to a place where we doubt ourselves and may even become afraid of everyone and everything. Live your life fully and take your fear and worry to a higher level. I always take mine to my Heavenly Father. He is the One I trust and to date, He has never let me down. The key to this is patience!! Join the club if you too struggle with patience. Life has taught me that when I make hasty decisions and speak hasty words, I make mistakes. Whereas waiting, solves most matters peacefully and comes stress free. Never go into battle with any ‘giant’ alone. Allow the Great I AM to fight for you, He is so much better at it than we are. Some giants also exist in our ideas and thoughts, release them and carry on living life fully.

3. Allow 2017 to be a year of The Lord’s favour. Just learn to be still each and every day, quit the rushed life and embrace simplicity. Simply be the real you. No need to impress anybody, just do and be your best by spending daily quiet time, this assist you as it becomes easier to do. You can think more clearly and make informed decisions more easily. Guess what? You will sleep better too. Do you know that if you write down each night, before you turn the light off just three things you are thankful for, you will become addicting to being a thankful person. That’s a good habit to begin. Each day do your daily tasks, don’t embrace procrastination and then go home and be at peace. One minute at a time, one day at a time, one deadline at a time and one request at a time. Take time to read and take time to think and dream.

4. Did you take stock of yesterday or last year? It helps to do that. When you do, you recognise what has worked and what has not worked. What situations to avoid and which ones to embrace. Once you have done that, take up these strategies : Listen! Leave! And Go! Listen to your conscience, good advice or even a correction. Then leave it there with you having made up your mind about it. Then comes the best part – go! Move forward, remain resolute and progress onward. Stagnancy is never rewarding.

5. Happy New Year! Enjoy your life. Live in a balanced way and absolutely never give in to bullies or snobs as you yourself are fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves you.

Rita Edkins, Missions Director