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Season for Seniors Campaign 2016

Season for Seniors

Season for Seniors

It’s Christmas time! This is definitely a favourite time of the year for many of us. Christmas carols and decorations as you enter the shops, advertisements on TV and radio, all with a Pa-Rum-Pum-Pum-pum tune to it. Breakaways, holidays, specials gifts and to be surrounded by people that we love is something we all look forward to.

On the 29th of November we got to see the flip side of Christmas. No Pa-Rum-Pum-Pum-pum or Christmas trees, no family or even basic necessities. This was a true eye-opener and really made us realise what good African Blessings and Uni-Vision did this festive season with our Season for Seniors campaign.

Some Uni-Vision staff members drove to African Blessings to deliver the 154 gifts collected in our Season for Seniors campaign. These gifts were collected for the elderly in need in the Rustfontein and Cullinan communities. We all joined in prayer to give thanks for the gifts we collected. After that we split into two groups and off we went.

Group one’s first stop was at Rethabiseng, a small township close to the African Blessings farm. The group handed out gifts to widows and widowers -visiting the houses individually. We were so overwhelmed by the conditions they were living in and by how little they make do with.

As we stopped at each house to hand out the gifts to the “gogo’s” we were welcomed with a smile. We were given a much needed hug and then they proudly bragged about their veggie gardens to us. It gave us goose bumps to see how the people of this community really respect the African Blessings team.

Our second stop was at Shammah, a shelter for the homeless in Cullinan. As we drove around the corner, we saw the homeless senior ladies were sitting in three rows in front of a beautiful tree (eagerly awaiting their gifts). We unpacked the gifts and one by one we handed them out to each of the 25 ladies. The excitement and appreciation could literally be seen on their faces as they received their gifts.

Each individual had a story to tell, each their own very special personality, but they all had something in common. They had all experienced hardship and pain, heart sore and loneliness in their lives, but today we made them smile. We gave them hope and we made them feel that they belong!

Group 2 went to visit the Rustfontein Village just outside the African Blessings farm, the NG Kerk, Verster Park (Tannie Martie), a few car guards at Pick ‘n Pay; as well as giving a few spontaneous gifts to those who we felt needed it the most (this was the most fun of all).

A favourite was a disabled man who we spontaneously blessed with a gift while he was walking down the street. His face lit up and his eyes sparkled. He was so grateful and happy to receive a gift that he tipped his hat for us, and struck a pose when we took his picture. This is the kind of memory that will last a life time.

What a truly wonderful and humbling experience it was to be able to give a gift (filled with the necessities) to those in need to help make their Christmas Season just that little bit brighter.

It was quite interesting to see how most recipients were taken aback by being given a gift. It isn’t the norm, these days, for a stranger to just walk up to you and give you something for “free”. How wonderful it was to be able to surprise, inspire and bring some joy and hope into the lives of the people that need it the most.

We would like to THANK all the Uni-Vision staff who so generously opened their hearts (and wallets). You have all helped to make the Season for Seniors campaign a HUGE success.

You have blessed more people than you will know this year, and for that we are extremely grateful.

Have a very blessed and wonderful festive season, thank you for all your goodwill throughout the year.

Today Uni-vision and African Blessings made a difference!