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Mandela Day 2016

Mandela Day

Aurecon Limelite staff members came to spend their 67 minutes at the African Blessings farm for Mandela Day 2016.

They came bearing gifts which consisted of a variety of seedlings that they donated. Aurecon got involved and so kindly helped Godfrey plant theses seedlings. We are always so grateful to receive seedlings as this helps us to feed even more people in need within the communities that we serve. Aurecon staff member loved getting involved and making a difference, and it was fantastic to see how their faces just lit up.

Aurecon hosted a lovely party for the Early Learning Centre kiddies in celebration of Mandela Day. It was so wonderful to see how each and every child enjoyed the experience of a party. This was a “new” occurrence for them, one that doesn’t happen very often.

Rita Edkins, the Missions Director decided that a party would be a lovely idea for the Learning Centre children as she came across that while teaching the children about parties, party hats and more, that the children didn’t know what she was talking about. We can definitely say that this party will definitely be one that the children will always remember, and now they know the true meaning of a party, cake and all.

After a party and planting seedlings, Aurecon still had more to give, and so generously donated warm blankets to each of the Learning Centre children. It was wonderful to see how much excitement these gifts generated. The children were extremely grateful for their gifts. They will now be kept warm at home and during sleep time at school.

It was so lovely to have Aurecon and their team join us for a day in celebration of Mandela. We would like to encourage everyone to come and visit us at the African Blessings farm. We love sharing all the exciting plans that are taking shape here.

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