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Happy Youth Day!

Youth Day

Another opportunity to celebrate is coming up on Thursday 16th June 2016, Youth day. Our youth is important to us all. Personally, I like being around young people. Lots of energy, lots of new ideas, lots of fresh activities. Lots of enthusiasm!  Well done young people, we enjoy your input into our lives. Enjoy good celebrations this Thursday and take quality, life-changing decisions and stick with them.

You have many options and choices. But to me the greatest and most life-changing decision you can take is to be extraordinary! The choice is yours to stand out from the crowd. You can choose to think critically, choose your direction and choose your world view. Sadly, most of you will not do this – what a shame! Most of you will choose to be just like everybody else. What a waste! It is so very easy to run with the crowd. Just going along with whatever so that you can what? Belong? No! There is so much more to life than just following or belonging to a crowd. It requires no character at all just to follow, but if you must follow, weigh up who you are following and why.

Crowds seldom do extraordinary things! Crowds like to control and indoctrinate and squash personal hope and dreams and gifts and talents. Don’t fall for the lie that you must be average and ordinary. Crowds like to achieve goals that serve very little good to all. Strive to be brave and courageous and extraordinary. You can move forward and reach your dream without doing what everybody else does at someone else’s expense. You should choose to be free and to want freedom for everybody else.

So how do you know if you are moving towards what is extraordinary and wholesome or not? It is actually very simple! If who or what you are following includes hatred and murder – you are misplaced. You are misinformed if who or what you are following includes robbery and stealing of someone else’s rights or goods or reputation . If who or what you are following includes destruction, you are misguided. If however who or what you follow allows you the freedom to think, to choose, to live and to let live, to follow your dream and to reach high standards that will enable you to be extraordinary and that your extraordinariness will involve a better future and growth and prosperity for you and your community – you are not misrepresenting your life or your future.

Study, stay and stick with your decision to be extraordinary and not just like everybody else!

Happy youth day to all our young people!   This includes the young at heart!