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Community Critter Care outreach – My experience

Community Critter Care

I was super excited to get invited to join the Community Critter Care outreach team on their monthly visit to the animals in the local township. I mean who wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend a day outside in the sunshine, helping animals in need? That is definitely my kind of day, one where I can roll up my sleeves, offer my help where needed, and most importantly get to pet as many animals as possible.

The feeling of joy that I could assist and just give each and every – and I really do mean every – dog some love and a pet on the head, made me burst with happiness. The township animals, mostly dogs that came for treatment have often not been lucky enough to be treated like the precious souls that they are.

This made me incredibly tearful and heart sore as I start thinking of my own animals, which I treat like royalty; feeding them with delicious food, buying treats and even allowing them to curl up with me on the couch. It was clear to see that the majority of these dogs do not receive the basic care and attention that they deserve, and I had to restrain myself from coming home with a few new furry friends. And yes, I did offer to buy a whole bucket full of puppies (I was declined unfortunately)!

Although the highlight of the day was being able to help, I could not escape the feelings of sadness that washed over me as I saw how hungry, skinny and neglected some of the dogs were. But, some of them were actually in really good condition. One community member brought his special ‘girl’ for treatment and I was blown away by the fantastic condition his dog was in – a glossy coat and a very excitable spirit.  He really cared so much for his doggie, even telling me that his dog sleeps on his bed even though his wife is not too happy about it (that made me laugh!).

I could, however, really empathize with the community members who you could see really love their animals, but simply don’t have the means to give them the correct food and care that they need. I do take my hat off to them for bringing their pets to be vaccinated, sterilized and dipped.

There is definitely some light at the end of the tunnel. The Community Critter Care team have an absolute passion for animals and are doing whatever it takes to help improve their lives.

I could really see that the outreach teams’ effort over the years has been paying off, as there are more pet owners that have respect, love and a strong desire to make sure that their animals are looked after. I was so inspired by the love and passion for animals that has led to this incredible imitative, and that I could connect with each and every one of the outreach members through the common goal of helping animals.

So, after a long day in the field helping where I could, it was time to go home and collect my thoughts. This quote by Mother Theresa kept coming to mind: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” I know that I alone can’t change the lives of all animals in the township, but if I could improve one life I know that I would have done well. If each one of us offers just a little of our love, time and attention to making a difference, we – together with the Community Critter Care team – can change the world!

If you would like to view some of the pictures that I took of my experience click here

Please take note, some of the images are not for sensitive viewers.