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Community Critter Care Outreach

Community Critter Care

The dedicated Community Critter Care outreach team, along with the very enthusiastic mobile veterinary clinic from Onderstepoort, set out into the Rustfontein community. They went to help vaccinate, sterilize, dip and feed the animals in need. It was a very memorable day, as this was the very first “in-field” experience for the mobile clinic. It will most definitely not be the last.

The day got off to an incredibly busy start, with owner’s bringing their many dogs of all shapes and sizes for treatment. The dog’s undeniable love and loyalty for their owners was unquestionable, regardless of their current medical state. The loyalty of a dog was proved, loving even the careless of owners. That is the beauty of a dog, it is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. There has been a vast improvement with the owners and their dogs. They now understand the importance of giving love, care and attention to their pets, and that is an enormous success for us.

The day began when community members made their R10 payment and presented their furry friends documentation cards to Theresa before the treatment could take place. The mobile vet clinic was up next where the dogs and cats all got vaccinated against a series of diseases. The animals needing sterilization were all placed into special dog transporting cages and taken back to Onderstepoort to be sterilized. We are amazed at the amount of animals that went to be sterilized, as the community members are often very wary of their animals being taken away, so this was a breakthrough. We are very grateful to Dr Kenyan and his team for so generously subsidizing the vaccinations.

The animals ended off their treatment, by being dipped by Danny. After the dipping the owners received a packet of dog food to take home. It was a humbling and heart-breaking experience to see how hungry and thin so many of the dogs were. Many of the dogs do not receive any form of meal, or are just given scraps. The team dished out a few meals-on-the-go to those most in need, which they gobbled up in the blink of an eye!

The owners themselves are bitterly poor and often do not have enough food to fill their own stomachs, let alone their animals. This is where Community Critter Care outreach team plays a vital role. We are responsible for donating pet food to the owners who do not have the resources to feed their pets. Unfortunately our source of food has run dry, and we would love for you to help us collect more.

Thank you to Theresa, Danny, Mary-Anne and the Onderstepoort veterinary students. They so generously dedicated their time and care to help improve the lives of those without a voice. The difference that has been made, not only on this particular outreach, but since the inception of Community Critter Care is unbelievable. The time, resources and passion that has been given to educating animal owners, giving medical attention to animals, and improving the general condition of hundreds of animals is astounding.

It is wonderful to see the relationship and trust that has been built over the years between Community Critter Care outreach team and the Rustfontein community members. This would never have been possible without the sheer determination and will of the team to make a difference, one animal at a time.

If this is a cause close to your heart, and you would like to donate cat/dog food, leashes and collars, or financial donations towards vaccinations; please contact African Blessings on