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Freedom Day

Nelson Mandela Freedom Day

With great joy and gratitude South Africans will be able to celebrate Freedom day on the 27th of April. This is a day that every citizen should be able to cherish and hold dear. A day of reflection, decision and choice. To reflect if I, (each individual human being), as a citizen of my land of birth, am truly free enough to celebrate Freedom day? Am I free of fear? Am I free of intimidation? Am I free of manipulation? Am I free of indoctrination? After the process of reflection I, (every individual human being), should reach a decision on the answers I made upon reflection. After the decision I, (every individual human being), should make a choice. If I am not free of fear, intimidation, manipulation and indoctrination, what steps will I take to put this matter right? Political freedom is only one freedom, but true freedom is so much more than that. As an individual I am only free if I am free of hatred, free of unforgiveness , free of blaming someone else for my decisions, failures and at times even successes. I am only free if I am a critical and free thinker and if I am free to worship according to my own faith and belief and if I am free to change and when I personally choose not to achieve anything at all at someone else’s expense.

I am free when I know that I have been given one life to live and that I am entitled to that for which I myself have worked and for which I myself have reached out to, in order to help another. I am free when my life is not just about me, my way and my group, but it is for the entire human race – even those who are different from me. I am free when I want the best for everyone. I am free when I choose life.

The skin issue needs to be replaced with a better view. We don’t think with our skin. We don’t make decisions and choices with our skin. We do those things with our heads and our hearts. So then, are not our heads and our hearts the starting places of true freedom?